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The Kirkintilloch Foot Clinic is a private foot clinic and is situated
8 miles North East of Glasgow.   Map
All aspects of foot care are carried out at the Kirkintilloch Foot Clinic, from general advice on footwear to the normal foot care procedures, i.e. removal of corns, verrucae, ingrown toenails etc.
Special treatment and advice is given to Diabetics and to anyone with vascular problems associated with the feet. All ages are treated at the Foot Clinic without GP referral.
If you need any advice on any aspect of foot care, or if you suffer from foot or leg symptoms then tell your practitioner at the Kirkintilloch Foot Clinic who are specialists in this field.
The National Health Service provides chiropody treatment but this service is mainly for pensioners, children, and others who have medical conditions, such as Diabetes. Most NHS chiropody clinics are so full that it can be difficult to get an appointment, even if the case is urgent. Appointments through the NHS can vary and 3 - 4 months waiting is not uncommon.
Some NHS chiropody departments have adopted a policy of non-routine treatment. In other words, they are refusing to do the mundane task of nail trimming. This is very sad, because nail trimming is important to senior citizens. An increasing number of patients who have painful feet, especially senior citizens, are attempting self-treatment as a result of this policy. Some are using long handled nail scissors, which are supposed to assist those who cannot bend down to their feet. This practice could be made worse because of impaired vision and be extremely dangerous.
If toe nails are allowed to grow too long, pressure from shoes can force the nails into the wall of the toe, resulting in ingrown toe nails.
Other damage of the nails can develop by trauma. It is important that a foot care professional trim the nails, especially for senior citizens, diabetics and others with circulatory problems.
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